Pickathon Preview


Pickathon is still hours away but I’m already feeling good, as if I just had my own little festival.

I got a call today letting me know that Australian musician C.W. Stoneking was indeed tucked away in a basement in Milwaukie working on tunes with an adopted brass and rhythm section. His brass was held up by work visa issues. Huge bummer. But the new crew, including a couple of the fellows from Pink Martini, is going to pull it together with style.


A little bit later, the phone rang again and we were off to see Breathe Owl Breathe do a little set at Stumptown Printers. With their thoughtful lyrics, beautiful voices and kindness, they’re going to be a hit at Pickathon…


But it was what started the day that reminded me of the beauty and simplicity of music and friendship that makes this music festival so wonderful. After a nice preview walk around Pendarvis Farm, it was just after one a.m. when Sam Yale of Jackstraw, sat down with Pickathon organizer Zale Schoenborn and played some beautiful tunes. Sam was test-driving the guitar hand crafted by Nat over at John Brown Lutherie. Picking, listening, communicating.

I can’t wait to see what happens this weekend at the festival.

all images © Tim LaBarge 2009


  1. Awesome work Tim! Great to get to know you a little better this year. Fun to watch you drink beer and shoot beautiful photos all day into the night! Look forward to seeing more Pickathon 2009 pics…

    -m riegert

  2. thanks mike. good to see you again. juggling babies, hearing music, making pictures and drinking beers…that’s the life.

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