I thought I’d hid that cape. We didn’t need another episode. But Leo appeared out of nowhere last night with headlamp, suspenders and a gold cape ready to zoom through the night in a rush of spring fever.
Just a few days earlier, his pal, cape securely fastened, made a leap from the top bunk with visions of soaring. He had been coaxed into doing it, the story goes. They’d spread a few comforters on the floor, just in case. And then he belly flopped and wound up with a nose bleed and two black eyes.

Failure to fly.

Thus began the safety talks, the difference between make believe and reality and how bones are both bendy and breakable. And really, it’s a knight’s cape…with a fleur de lis stitched on the back. Knights rode horses, fought battles and protected people from bandits. They definitely didn’t fly.

So when I saw the cape rush past me and out the back door last night, I wasn’t sure what to do. I didn’t want to squash the energy and the imaginative play, but I didn’t need a repeat of the failed launch. I sat back and quietly watched while he ran as fast as he could trying to get the cape to flap in the wind. And he did get it to flap a little, but he never quite got off the ground.

all images © Tim LaBarge 2010

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  1. Hey Cousin T,
    So this is what I have to look forward to with our new little guy? I love reading your posts. Sometimes your writing makes me teary, in a good way. Quite a talent, Tim. Can’t wait to meet your boys one of these days. I miss seeing you. I had dinner with your parents, Gene and Elise at the Berghoff a couple of months ago. Your dad hooked me up with some great ancestry info for a family tree we’re working on. We’re loaded with info on the LaBarge side. Winnie – not so much. Check out http://www.MyTreeandMe.com for a cool, but challenging project. Tracing this info would be a great gift to our kids, don’t you think? I’ll let you know how far I get with Grandma Winnie’s side, if I have any luck at all. I heard Molly’s wedding was so much fun. I wish I could have heard Elise and Tommy sing. We had to miss the festivities because of little Billy’s arrival. He’s two weeks old today!
    Take care,
    Libby Luby

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