Pickin’ on Vivaldi

Fiddle player Frank Fairfield (right) will be playing Pickathon again this year.

The morning routine around here requires our wonderful all-classical station to be on. At some point, we shift over to something a bit more rootsy. The afternoon could be almost anything, most likely singer-songwriter oriented. Dinner prep and the meal itself require another shift. Then there’s the evening pick-me-up. That could be some old timey tunes or it might be big band, you never know. We wind it back down with something calming, quiet and instrumental. And then we call it a night.

This morning when Vivaldi’s ‘Winter’ came on the radio, I got a bit caught up in the energy and hollered over to Jack. “Do you hear all those violins, Jack?” I expected a simple yes for a response.

But being two can be tricky. It’s a good time to start expressing your own opinion. This can come in a variety of shapes. NO is common. MINE is also up there on the list. It’s time to start testing things and to question your parents.

Violinst Sergiu Luca performs in 2006

“I think this is not violins, papa. I think this is fiddles,” Jack shot back with authority.

Fair enough. Since in our home, the boys often use a ukulele as a guitar, a kid’s guitar as an upright bass and a tennis racket as a fiddle, there was no sense trying to break down the subtle difference. After all, it’s the same instrument. He’s hearing fiddles and I’m hearing violins. That must mean it’s snack time. That fabulous spot somewhere in between breakfast and lunch where we shift from violins to fiddles.

Jack entertains some pals at a Christmas party.
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