Passing Time

My dad, brothers and I heading out to go fishing in Colorado in 1977

Leo, age 4, with my dad in 2010

Photo editor and fellow PDXcrosser Mike Davis suggested on his blog just before Father’s Day to “make a picture of your dad, if you can, to remember him as he is this year, this moment. Say something with the picture about how you feel about the man”. I didn’t see his post until two weeks later, but as I sifted through images from a recent trip, I realized I snapped this image of my dad and my son on Father’s Day itself.

I’m not sure why all of a sudden, I care about fishing. I suppose it has something to do with it being an accessible, enjoyable way to pass time when I’m out in the woods with two kids under the age of five. And maybe that’s how it was for my dad when we were little. There’s enthusiasm, time together, many layers of learning and a chance for a tasty meal.

It’s a privilege to spend time with both of you. Thanks.

My dad and I, at age four, fishing in Colorado in 1974
all content © Tim LaBarge 2010


  1. Hi Tim,
    Is that a gun on your dad’s hip? That’s one style I can not see you sporting with Lil Leo! Love the old photos and miss you.
    Happy 4th,
    Libby Luby

  2. These pictures are just beautiful Tim- i’ll admit they made me tear a bit…and want to create a similar image of my father…

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