Big Mountain, Little Dog

With Mount Rainier hovering, Ryan Trebon rolls on during the Rapha Gentleman’s Race

This summer, while photographing a bike race, I popped out of the woods and rounded a bend on Pittsburgh Road above the town of Saint Helens, Ore. Three beautiful volcanoes, Mount Rainier, Mount Saint Helens and Mount Adams, came into view. It was a spot I had passed through before several times during the great foot race called Hood to Coast. But that had always been in the darkness. So I was happy to finally take in the view.

Looking at Rainier, I could only think of one thing. Carthage, our little dog buried now at the foot of that giant mountain. She was so tiny compared to that a huge mass of rock. But she’s there.

Carthage’s spot

I was cleaning the house recently before a party and found several corners still full of her fur. Despite her being gone now more than three months, her fur still gathers. She was prolific in that department. I hesitated to slurp it all up with the vacuum. What happens when there is no more…

That empty spot is still very empty. And though we’ve been distracted with friends and music and summer and cyclocross, it’s hard not to think about our little Fuzzers.

At Goat Rocks 2004

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