Pickathon Book To Arrive Soon


We were out camping over the weekend and I asked my friend for a section of her New York Times she’d been reading in her tent so I could light the fire. She smiled and said that she’d been reading it on her Kindle.

We’re living in a time when bookstores are being shuttered by the hundreds and newspapers are making huge cuts. Those of us who enjoy holding something in our hands and turning the page are wondering where this whole thing is heading. The great unknown.


So I published a photo book about Pickathon, a music festival that takes place here in Oregon. I received a few copies last week, and two thousand more are due to arrive on my doorstep in about a week. I’m hoping festival-goers embrace it and want to take one home.

With stories from musicians like Langhorne Slim, Eric D. Johnson (Fruit Bats), Danny Barnes, Kev Russell (The Gourds), Jesse Elliott (These United States), Captain Bogg and Salty, Chris Funk (Black Prairie / The Decemberists), Bill Martin (square dance guru) and Jill Andrews you can expect to read some good tales.


Throw in some essays from great writers like Ned Lannamann (The Portland Mercury), Ryan White (The Oregonian), Greg Vandy (KEXP), Kim Ruehl (NoDepression.com), Matthew Kauffman-Smith and Jon Bell and you’ve got something you can sit down with and spend a little time and turn the pages as slowly as you’d like.

It’ll be available at the festival and will soon be available online. I’ll keep you posted…

And if, after the festival is over, I’m still sitting here with 1,900 copies, we’ll just have to have a giant campfire and we can roast a few marshmallows.

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