Paradise Found


Leo and I were reading a book recently. A character mentions that living in a country with libraries in every community must be paradise. Leo stopped me. “What’s paradise, Papa?”

I told him it was the most perfect place you could imagine. A place of infinite happiness. Sounding a bit wistful, he said, “For me, Legoland is paradise.”

Like most of his buddies, he’s consumed with Legos. A healthy fascination, I’ve concluded. And luckily our trip to his paradise was just a few weeks away.

When we arrived at Legoland, I asked Leo to pause so I could make a snapshot in front of the gates. Leo makes a lot of faces when I go to make pictures of him, but this is the first time I’ve seen the look of sheer joy.


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  1. Hi Tim,

    Leo is happy & “toothless”.
    Hope to see more photos of Legoland Paradise.


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