This puppy thing. I thought it might be easier this time after experiencing the tiny years with a couple of boys.
After all, you can put a puppy in a crate and walk away.
They eat and drink when you put the bowl down.
No diapers. Some mess. But no diapers.
These critters can learn very quickly and at a very young age.

Goldie has been a sweetheart, really. She’s in love with the boys, happy to have a yard to roam and sleeps through the night.

Today I let her out for a little romp in the yard. She did her business and came back in. So when I walked back into the room after stepping away for about five minutes, I figured all would be just fine. But there was a box of tissues scattered about the room, a small, dark pile in the corner and a pair of headphones around Goldie’s neck. She looked up at me, headphone wire in her mouth, and I believe she smiled.

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