Pickathon 2012 – Now it begins


I’ve been watching and photographing the build up to Pickathon for the past two weeks, but it really only hit me last night that it’s about to happen. This amazing collaboration of talent will explode into action tomorrow. And though I’ve been saying “I can’t wait” for months, it’s only now that I really mean it.

What bands are going to be awesome? All of them. Everything from the Pickathon newbies Cactus Blossoms, Doug Paisley and War on Drugs to the Pickathon veterans like Langhorne Slim, Blitzen Trapper and Dr. Dog.

The weekend will be a rush of energy and emotion. So much music, so many people, so many beautiful things. Special moments emerge and amidst the crush of data and exhaustion next week, I’ll try to tell you a story and show you some photographs.


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