Silcox Hut – Mount Hood

photo © Tim LaBarge 2013
Silcox Hut, Mount Hood, Oregon. photo © Tim LaBarge 2013
photo © Tim LaBarge 2013
Silcox Hut, Mount Hood, Oregon

That’s not snow falling out of the January sky. Those are stars. Everywhere I looked, there were stars.

Last Sunday night tucked in a little lodge up on Mount Hood, we celebrated a friend’s birthday. At 7,000 feet, we enjoyed meals, drinks and a fire. And while Silcox Hut itself is charming in its rustic, communal ways, it was the quiet and isolation of stepping outside to make a few pictures I’ll remember most.

Earlier in the day I’d spent three hours grinding the skis over snow and ice, on a lonely uphill workout from the little town of Government Camp up to Timberline Lodge. It was only five or six miles and 2,000 feet, but it felt like a marathon. When I reached Timberline, I dove into the heated pool and then slipped into the hot tub and cracked open a can of Hopworks Abominable Winter Ale. Moments later, snapped from the brief cloud of comfort, I joined our group for a snow cat ride 1,000 more feet up the side of this volcano to the hut.

Like the flash of a meteor zipping through the sky, our time there raced by and it was suddenly mid-morning and time to depart. I’ve been staring at this picture trying to return to the calm and the quiet beneath the moon and stars.

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