The Leo and Jack Trail


When you become the proud owner of two explorers, it’s best to just sit back and observe. I try to direct the flow, to keep up, but in the end I wind up watching. They dig, throw, study, pick, prod, poke, run, swim, whittle, balance, heave, crunch, crank, grind, balance, jump, leap, run, sprint, crawl, dig, sniff, taste, push, pedal, paddle, climb, grab, yell, whisper…and fall. Occasionally they fall.

We spent the last blast of summer up in the Olympic Peninsula. It’s a mysterious place where you feel that shift of time and pace that lets you know immediately you are somewhere else. You are not at home.

We visited the coast, the rain forest, river banks, the straight, lakes, general stores, the Makah, a museum, a National Park, a county park, a burger stand and a few coffee shops. I don’t have a thorough photo reportage of these adventures. But of course I always have a camera and no matter what the boys do, I feel the need to make a picture. When you’re traveling in new lands, things just seem better.

2013_08_olympics-6 2013_08_olympics-275







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