Mount Hood: Trees, à la mode

Photo © Tim LaBarge 2013 (© Tim LaBarge 2013)

Just before Thanksgiving, 1859 Magazine asked me to head up to Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood to make some pictures for the January/February issue.

It was a thrill to explore the lodge and the side of the mountain for a few days as snow fell and skiers rejoiced. After dinner, editor Kevin Max and I ventured out into the darkness to photograph the cartoonish shapes that the storm had left behind. We spent an hour looking for odd sculptures in the snow-covered trees.

When you take a strobe into the night at Timberline Lodge, there’s little doubt that you were inspired by the iconic work of Ray Atkenson. So a tip of the hat to Mr. Atkenson. That walk in the misty night might not have happened if those classic images weren’t burned into my mind.

Here’s a little slide show:

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