Salmon catch (in the van)


From the rocky precipice that is the northwesternmost point of land in the contiguous United States, we watched a half-dozen bald eagles perched in the trees and an otter frolicking in sea. Waves crashed against sea stacks. Sea birds circled and dove and rode big swells. The wind carried bits of rain. And always the most curious and distracting species to watch: the human challenged gravity and stood at the very edge of the earth to pose for a photograph.

The place was wild with energy, and we talked about what it would be like to paddle that water, in the cedar canoes of the Makah, in search of salmon.

Our true search for salmon ended as we drove back into Neah Bay and stopped at a tiny fish shack in the center of town.

We were hungry, having snacked through lunch on the hike. Owner Kimm Brown handed us a paper plate with a thick chunk of smoked salmon and we retreated to the van. There, we pulled out a roll of crackers and consumed the portion in minutes.

It’s called Take Home Fish but I doubt much of it ever makes it home. After consuming our first piece, we went back in and admitted to Kimm what had happened. He said we weren’t the first. We grabbed another slice for dinner, but we succumbed to the aroma and the warmth filling the van and repeated our feast right there in front of the shop.





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