Age Nine on the Willamette River


I love the idea of just putting down the paddle and stepping up onto the gunnels of the canoe. You do it not to be silly, nor to show off, but because you want to to see if you can.

I love the idea of fishing for hours and hours, not even needing to land a fish. You just need a little box of lures to tinker with and an occasional bite on the end of the line to keep your mind exploding with hope.

I love the idea of curling up on top of the gear and taking a nap. You feel the boat drift gently along with the current and with the quiet, trusting push of my paddle, downriver to the confluence of dream and reality.

I love the idea of scooting up to the very tip of the bow of the canoe and sitting, with the slightest breeze hitting your cheek and your toes skimming the water, and nothing before you but a little piece of the world you’ve never seen before.

Now, yesterday, these last days of summer, age nine in general, is a good time to do these things.





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