Two wheeling

It all depends on where you live, I suppose, but the bicycle seems to come and go depending on your age. Growing up, the Schwinn Stingray was how I got around. It’s how I got to my buddy’s house, it’s how we got to the drug store to buy Tootsie Rolls and Charlie’s Angels cards. […]

Six Nights

There were two jobs I thought about pursuing when I lived in Spain: Shepherd (but I had no dogs) or UPS delivery man. I wanted to wander through that magical landscape and daydream. This week, when I saw a square, brown truck rumble through the Central Oregon sage, the romance of driving around delivering boxes […]

The things they say

My brother Steve would point to planes and say “ahn-gee” with surprise and enthusiasm. And through the twists of the tongue that children are famous for, he also started calling our grandfather “Grad.” That stuck and most everyone, including adults, called him Grad or Graddy until he died. I was apparently more into the simile. […]

Return to Mount St. Helens

Nine years ago I had two different assignments to photograph as the twentieth anniversary of the 1980 Mount St. Helens eruption approached. One was of a fellow, who at the time of the blast, was a young, care-free tree planter on the south side of the mountain. The whole thing was a rush for him. […]

On being three

Leo told us the other day, “I just want to stay three forever.” Life is good when you’re three. Pretty much you play a lot, eat a lot and then fall asleep about halfway through the second book. The kindness, innocence and curiosity of a three-year-old makes me smile daily. This week Leo gave me […]

Long Winter

So an entire season just slipped by since the last time I wrote. I can picture where some of the time went, but it’s really a bit of a fog. There were a few assignments, a few stock requests and the booking of some weddings for the summer. It was a season of rest and […]

Slumber interrupted

I was having one of those nothing-can-possibly-be-sweeter-than-a-sleeping-baby moments. Jack fell asleep on the couch and the mid-morning fall light was slipping through a crack in the curtains. But then as the shutter of the camera clicked, the eyes snapped open. A smile broke from behind the sleepy stare. And soon we had a full on […]


© Tim LaBarge 2008 I went out to the Pain on the Peak race this morning with the intention of making a few pictures for our new site pdxcross. Well, the boys and I checked out the cute dog, saw a bit of the course and then it was time for a picnic under a […]

On your mark…

© Tim LaBarge 2008 Cyclocross season is still a few weeks away here in the Pacific Northwest, but judging from the look in Leo’s eyes, he’s ready to hear the race director say “Go!”. This past weekend was the first in a series of races out at Kruger’s Farm on Sauvie Island. No barriers, no […]

Stair steps

© Tim LaBarge 2006 I saw a post on digital railroad that a magazine was looking for photos of the Grand Canyon. So I threw together a gallery from a 2006 trip with hope they’d pick one up. This picture of Leo made me laugh. I’m generally opposed to the “here’s me in front of […]

Time in a box

© Tim LaBarge 2008 In September, my folks brought me a box of slides and asked if I would scan them so digital copies exist. I waited, of course, until yesterday. With a little editing help from Leo (“That’s a funny one, papa”) I decided to get started. The images that pop up on the […]

Transition into real spring

© Tim LaBarge 2008 I was on my way back from an assignment in Hood River the other day when I entered, then emerged, from one of those crazy spring storms that packs rain, snow, ice and winds. And while there will always be more rain, there’s a warm and hopeful feeling in the air […]

Jack’s turn to reflect…

© Tim LaBarge 2008 The boys and I beat the crowd and slid up to the zoo on Friday morning. By crowd, I mean the thousands that turned out Saturday and Sunday for Packy the elephant’s 46th birthday. I actually had no idea all this was happening. We really only wanted to check out the […]

Riding the rails

© Tim LaBarge 2008 I’m not sure what it is about the train that can lure two-year-olds in and not release them until they’re five or six. With Thomas the Tank and his buddies scattered throughout the house, real engines rumbling by ten blocks from our house and the discovery of a movie called “Ridin’ […]

Aching for a run

© Tim LaBarge 2001 My sister Elise called to tell me she’d just picked up her number and shirt for this weekend’s half-marathon in St. Louis. She told me she planned to run by herself and enjoy the scene. Last year, I did the marathon…she did the half. We were hanging out, stretching before the […]

Tilt for tilt’s sake?

Leo’s been obsessed with this little camera a friend gave me years ago. He also gave me a box of flash cubes. Maybe we’ll pull those out for the third birthday. © Tim LaBarge 2008 I was holding little Jack when he approached and said, “Smile guys.” I’m not sure where he picked up this […]

Oregon Coast

No better spot to sit back for a few days and watch it rain than the coast. We just took a little break with some friends to relax, enjoy some meals, watch the boys play and observe the weather as it rolled in. Here are a few photos… all images © Tim LaBarge 2008


I never would have thought it would happen to me…the second child only gets a handful of photos snapped compared to the first. But indeed, there are train tracks to set up, walks to take and songs to sing with Leo and so Jack doesn’t get quite as much time in front of the camera […]

One more time…

Indeed another year has passed. Or maybe it’s just that another one’s begun. I’m not sure what birthdays are supposed to mark. Just like Christmas, my birthday took on a new level of fun and entertainment because of our silly little two year old. He came running in from errands with sara, stopped in front […]

Rainy Days

A little damp these days… © Tim LaBarge 2008