Transition into real spring


© Tim LaBarge 2008

I was on my way back from an assignment in Hood River the other day when I entered, then emerged, from one of those crazy spring storms that packs rain, snow, ice and winds. And while there will always be more rain, there’s a warm and hopeful feeling in the air this week.



all images © Tim LaBarge 2008

We took advantage of that warmth by taking a little hike up at the Audubon Society the other day. They have a sweet little spot tucked into our giant Forest Park. The trail system is a diminutive version of the neighboring 5,000 acre park. So every few feet there’s a turn or a creek or a hill – instead of that happening on a grander scale. It’s a great little mile…Leo seems to like it. The bonus is always a visit to the birds back in the mews. Julio and Hazel the owls, Finnegan the falcon, Ruby the vulture, Syd the hawk…and the whole hospital of injured birds that you can see through the windows. it’s a fun spot and we always have to check on Julio and Hazel.

While we were there, one of the techs brought out x-rays from an injured crow – who had an egg stuck inside of her. Yikes.


  1. Hey Tim,
    Love the photos, your writing and the blog. I’ve subscribed and will be a faithful visitor & reader. Hope all is well with you and your family. I’m 21 weeks pregnant now and I think I feel the baby moving…very strange sensation…but welcome, too. We’re not going to find out the sex, though I’m super tempted. I googled baby ultrasound pics to see what I could deduce on my own while telling the technician that we wanted it to be a surprise. Kind of like snooping around for Christmas presents well before the holiday. Hopefully we’ll have some fun baby photos to share as well in a few more months. Let us know if you want to take that camera and the family on the road and come visit us in Chicago. We’d love to have you as our guests. Happy Spring, Libby Luby

  2. Tim, thanks for sharing your site with us. I love seeing the pictures and of course reading your thoughts. The boys look wonderful, Jack looks so much bigger. Take good care of yourself, Sara and the boys, we’ll be sending out new baby conboy pics before you know it. Hope to see you guys soon..wish it could be on your turf…Love, Cousin Amy

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