First in line

This guy must have known what was coming… Hopworks Urban Brewery opened last week. There might have been more bikes than cars in the parking area. One more reason to love Portland. I keep meaning to post a slide show of the progression of that project. It was fun to follow. In the mean time,… Continue reading First in line

Nicole Atkins

This show surprised me the other night…Other than her myspace tunes, I didn’t know much about Ms. Atkins. Beautiful voice, good stories, sweet shoes and great musicians onstage. The Oregonian’s Luciana Lopez said nice things…see that here. © Tim LaBarge 2008

Robotic champs

© Tim LaBarge 2008 Leave it to high schoolers to have fun with just about anything. I went to photograph a robotics competition the other day and saw these kids having a blast… While my assignment was to focus on one individual for a client, I managed to squeeze off a few shots of the… Continue reading Robotic champs