Dayshoot 30 Exhibit at PDX

On July 15th, nearly two hundred photographers fanned out across Oregon to make pictures of this incredible state as part of the Dayshoot +30 photography project. The intention was to create a ‘visual time capsule’ for the Oregon Historical Society much as photographers did on July 15, 1983. I raced around a little bit and explored… Continue reading Dayshoot 30 Exhibit at PDX

Mount Lemmon

Leo and I were off exploring last week when it snowed in Tucson. We wandered through the university campus, dodging stunned and amazed phone-wielding students as they communicated to the world that white flakes the size of raffle tickets were falling from the sky. We passed the morning looking at Native American baskets, the W.… Continue reading Mount Lemmon

Cyclocross in the New York Times

A few days have slipped by since the New York Times ran a photo page with a stack of my cyclocross images from the past few years. I’m flattered and humbled by the placement, the comments and the high fives. Thanks for looking. Thanks for riding. I’ve shot many assignments and pictures have run in… Continue reading Cyclocross in the New York Times

Cyclocross in Oregon

It’s almost like the holiday season and the urge to decorate and celebrate a few weeks earlier each year. There have already been several cross races and yet the big series is still weeks away. Yesterday’s race Pain and Suffer’n is an annual test of a racer’s ability to plow through pulverized hay fields and… Continue reading Cyclocross in Oregon

Good Cheers and Good Hugs at the Cyclocross National Championships

Just because riders are racing for the top spot on the podium, a medal and the stars and stripes champion jersey it doesn’t mean that these folks are hardened and seasoned tough guys. Things got a bit emotional at the finish line this past Friday morning. And when you’re just barely a teenager and competing… Continue reading Good Cheers and Good Hugs at the Cyclocross National Championships

Cyclocross winding down, but ramping up

Sunday was the last race of the Cross Crusade cyclocross series here in the Portland area. It’s been a wet and wonderful time. There are just three weekends of racing left here in the area…but one of those includes the National Championships over in Bend. So while things are heading toward a seasonal calm, those… Continue reading Cyclocross winding down, but ramping up

Splish. Splash.

Hillsboro 2009 My photography pal called me out: “Dude. You remade your own picture!” Guilty, I thought. I couldn’t resist shooting the watery slop of a puddle the racers were slicing through last week at PIR. And yes, it’s the same idea as last year’s image from the Hillsboro race. But, hey, they were going… Continue reading Splish. Splash.