Cyclocross in 1859 Magazine

I usually photograph many cyclocross races throughout the fall and early winter. This year, however, I only went to two in search of images. The good people at 1859 Magazine asked me to wander the course in search of racers and fans for a spread in the January/February issue. I couldn’t resist going to Bend… Continue reading Cyclocross in 1859 Magazine

PDXCROSS – On pause

cyclocross oregon

Each Monday, we’ve gotten several inquiries: Where are the pictures? It’s true, we have not updated the site with a gallery of images from the weekend’s cyclocross race as we have done the past four seasons. PDXCROSS is on hold, you might say. A few of the contributors moved away last year, a few are… Continue reading PDXCROSS – On pause

Cyclocross in the New York Times

A few days have slipped by since the New York Times ran a photo page with a stack of my cyclocross images from the past few years. I’m flattered and humbled by the placement, the comments and the high fives. Thanks for looking. Thanks for riding. I’ve shot many assignments and pictures have run in… Continue reading Cyclocross in the New York Times

Alpenrose 2011

The Cross Crusade kicked into gear on Sunday with nearly 1,500 riders (plus 250 in the kids race) at Alpenrose Dairy in Portland. We’ve posted a selection of images on our site… all content © Tim LaBarge 2011

Cyclocross: Learning to compete, and be sweet

A few weeks ago after pounding out a kiddie cross race, Jack, age 4, asked with a slightly disgruntled tone, “Papa, why doesn’t anyone ever win the kid race?” It’s true, I told him, no one wins. This race is about having fun with your friends and riding your bike. This past weekend at the… Continue reading Cyclocross: Learning to compete, and be sweet

Good Cheers and Good Hugs at the Cyclocross National Championships

Just because riders are racing for the top spot on the podium, a medal and the stars and stripes champion jersey it doesn’t mean that these folks are hardened and seasoned tough guys. Things got a bit emotional at the finish line this past Friday morning. And when you’re just barely a teenager and competing… Continue reading Good Cheers and Good Hugs at the Cyclocross National Championships

Cyclocross winding down, but ramping up

Sunday was the last race of the Cross Crusade cyclocross series here in the Portland area. It’s been a wet and wonderful time. There are just three weekends of racing left here in the area…but one of those includes the National Championships over in Bend. So while things are heading toward a seasonal calm, those… Continue reading Cyclocross winding down, but ramping up

Splish. Splash.

Hillsboro 2009 My photography pal called me out: “Dude. You remade your own picture!” Guilty, I thought. I couldn’t resist shooting the watery slop of a puddle the racers were slicing through last week at PIR. And yes, it’s the same idea as last year’s image from the Hillsboro race. But, hey, they were going… Continue reading Splish. Splash.