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Hopworks in the Bottle

2007 Back in 2006 and 2007, I could often be found prowling around what was soon to become Hopworks Urban Brewery looking for a picture. Things were still under construction and that’s how I liked it. Every time a wall was torn down, new relics from the building’s past life were revealed. And every time […]

Harvest Time

© Tim LaBarge 2008 The raincoats came out this week for the children attending summer camp at Tryon Life Community Farm. It caused a pang of fear deep in my gut that summer just might be over. Like a few years ago when it started raining the first week of August and summer never really […]

Coming Together

I stopped by Hopworks Wednesday and the place was buzzing with activity getting ready for Tuesday’s big opening. Brewer Ben Love was coaching the staff on the subtleties of the beers. Electricians Danny and Kyle were studying their final lighting project. Carpenters were building benches. Artists Cheyenne and Ed were hanging Cheyenne’s artwork. Electricians helped […]